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核心提示:公司成立于1882年,目前由Giovanni和Michele Gervasoni第三代家族管理。 Gervasoni集团总部和主要生产设施位于Pavia di Udine,另一个生产设施位于Premariancco(UD),总面积达到40000平方米。

公司成立于1882年,目前由Giovanni和Michele Gervasoni第三代家族管理。 Gervasoni集团总部和主要生产设施位于Pavia di Udine,另一个生产设施位于Premariancco(UD),总面积达到40000平方米。Gervasoni集团现在有84个员工分布在两个生产位置。

Founded in 1882, the company is currently managed by the third generation of the family with Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni. Gervasoni Group headquarters and main production facility is located in Pavia di Udine, another production facility is located in Premariacco (UD) for a total surface of 40000 sqm. Gervasoni Group counts 84 employees in the two production facilities.



The outermost part of the Gervasoni space focuses on its outdoor lines, with three different set-ups in which the colours white and grey blend into an infinite number of variations. Set-ups which can be domestic – gardens or terraces in town houses – or outdoor sections of public places. 



Maison&Objet 2016的中心部分以夏日阳光作为主题。INOUR853三人沙发作为新品亮相,与之相匹配的还有INOUT851产品,两者都以白色管状编织和配有黑白框弹性绷带。

The central part of the Maison&Objet 2016 exhibition area immediately suggests the light and sunny feel of summer. Here, the key player is the new INOUT 853 three-seater sofa, accompanied by an INOUT 851 armchair of the same line, both made of white tubular frame woven with black/white elastic belts.


Beside them an INOUT 809 rocking-chair woven in white and grey PVC and a varied set of small INOUT ceramic tables in different shapes and sizes. 



The right-hand part of the exhibition area is a set-up inspired by eating outdoors. Set around the INOUT 933 table with a white ceramic top, three INOUT 855 chairs with a high back have been combined with former chairs from the same collection. Next to the table is a corner for relaxation, with two new completely white INOUT 856 armchairs and a pair of small cork tables from the new  CORK line.



GHOST系列是户外产品的另一系列,也是Gervasoni最受欢迎的系列。The GHOST OUT 12沙发和两把小扶手椅GHOST OUT 05都涂上一层白色和灰色的bouclé织物。全新的软木系列小型CORK软木扶手椅丰富了整个系列。

The set-up on the left of exhibition area focuses on the GHOST OUT collection, an interpretation for outdoors of the GHOST line, one of Gervasoni’s best-selling collections. The GHOST OUT 12 sofa and the two small GHOST OUT 05 armchairs are presented here in a special version covered with a white and grey bouclé fabric. An unusual pair of small shaped cork  armchairs from the brand new CORK collection complete the set up.

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